Take action today.

Asking your state legislators for change is simple:

  1. Find your state legislators.
  2. Call and ask them to sign onto the bill. Legislators care most about what their own constituents want so they can get re-elected. So if you live in the district of the legislator you’re calling, let whoever answers the phone know that upfront. Tell whoever answers the phone “Hi! My name is (your name). I live in (name of your town). I’m calling to ask (name of the legislator) to sign onto (bill number — see below), an act addressing workplace bullying, mobbing, and harassment, without regard to protected class status.” They may ask you your address.
  3. Ask others to do the same.

Active bills in 2019:
Massachusetts, SD 1355
New York, SB 2261
Rhode Island, SB 90
West Virginia, HB 2062

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